Why I need unique content for my Blog

I have seen many people looking for article builder or any other tool to get “Unique Content” . Let me give you a piece of advice if you really want to make a career in blogging.

By tools like spinners, article builders etc, you can get so-called “Unique Content” but it is of no use. This content will be nothing but crap if you use it on your main website. You will not get any traffic and sooner or later, Google will catch you and punish you by de-indexing your website and all your efforts [with hosting, domain etc] will go waste.
why i need unique content for my blog
Why is this so ? This is so because your definition of ‘ good content ‘ is wrong. When you are going to build a website and want people to visit your website, you should give them something special to read on your website. Suppose, if a person wants solution for any of his problem and you give him the solution in very neat, clean and appropriate words on your website , what will he do ? He will like to visit your website again . This is how a site grows up.

When writing an article article , only “uniqueness” doesn’t matter. Spin the article and you will get 100% unique content but it will be of no use. Content should be unique, readers’ friendly and optimized. It should be written in neat English and should be proofed from any mistakes or typos. Keyword density [ Use of Keywords ] is very crucial – neither it be low nor it be high. If it is low, your article will not be ranked against those keywords. If it is high, Google will consider it as keyword stuffing and will de-index it.

Article Builder Tool  may be good, but only for web 2.0 [Tier Link Building]. Never use the content generated by this tool or any other spinning tool on your main website.

There is no short -cut to success in blogging and IM. Learn, understand , practice and implicate.

If you learn today then tomorrow you will boss in blogging.


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