Top Medicine-Management Apps For IPhone

Part of the popularity of smartphones such as the iPhone has to do with the mass amounts of mobile applications available for these devices. But while there is certainly something to be said for the entertainment factor of Angry Birds and Draw Something, gaming apps are just a drop in the bucket. For example, there are thousands of mobile applications out there that can help a person with serious concerns, such as those regarding medicine.

Yes, the phrase “there seems to be an app for anything” is never more accurate than when it is viewed through the prism of the vast amount of medication-management apps currently on the market. And this is a good thing. All the apps featured on this list are geared towards private individuals as well as health professionals in order to help them properly manage the often daunting task of proper medication tracking.

Medication Manager & History Tracker — $1.99

For those who want nothing more than a straightforward mobile app that can provide a user-friendly way in which to manage meds, then this is it. The app provides a searchable database from which the user can select his or her relevant medications and then add them to a list in order to keep current. Users can also keep track of their medicine intake history and email medication lists to physicians. The app can manage up to four people’s medications.

Medicines List — free

This app by NPS is perfect for those who want to remain diligent in maintaining a consistent intake schedule. The app features tracking features as well as integrated alarms that allow users to set reminders for taking their medications. Users can also monitor their meds via a built-in schedule.

Medical Medication Manager — $4.99

This is a comprehensive app that is geared towards those who need to manage a host of healthcare issues. This all-in-one option manages medications, doctor’s schedules, medical histories, allergies, symptoms, lab results, blood sugar, heart rate, weight and more. The app also allows the user to send this vital data to his or her physician with the swipe of a finger.

iPills — free

Another basic medicine manager, this app is as straightforward as they come. All that’s required of the user is to enter the medications he or she needs to take on a daily basis, as well as the time intervals for each medication, and the app does the rest in the form of reminders and a tracker history.

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Diabetes Diary — $2.99

This is a valuable tool for anyone suffering from diabetes. Presented in diary form, it allows the user to record his or her glucose readings as well as insulin doses and even carb intake. All info is saved and the user can access it at any time via the app’s “history” feature. The app was developed by a diabetic, so all the relevant medical details are included. It even supports glucose readings in mg/dL and mmol/L units.

Even adding just one of these apps into the iPhone library of a user with medication needs will go a long way to easing the daily stresses of medicine management.

Michelle Roberge is a healthcare industry professional with an interest in teva joint working.

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