Should You Switch to Windows-Based Web Hosting?

One of the greatest things about the Internet is it’s availability to anyone. You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 or multinational corporation to have a website. Individuals have blogs to express their opinions and share their ideas. Small businesses and individuals alike have websites to help sell their products to people and markets they couldn’t otherwise reach. But how that website operates can be difficult for some to understand.

How your website is hosted can be difficult for many to understand, simply because of all the computer jargon involved. Simply put, hosting is the service that connects your website to the World Wide Web by providing space on a server for your website and connectivity to the Internet through a data center. With different operating systems available to computer users, why should individuals consider a switch to Windows-based web hosting over competitors?

Wide Support for Microsoft Technologies

If your website relies upon one or more important technologies from Microsoft, such as Microsoft Access, MS SQL, or email, then using Windows-based web hosting comes with strong support available for those technologies. Linux or Unix-based servers might be able to provide support for those technologies, but there is no guarantee it will be effective or efficient. Microsoft simply knows its own technologies better than competitors.

Support for .NET Technology

Microsoft developed .NET technology, and whether your computer runs .NET or not is irrelevant. If your website needs to rely on .NET to perform, choosing Windows-based web hosting is going to be the better choice because it offers maximum support for .NET framework. It is possible for Linux systems, for example, to work with .NET, but they cannot match the same level of support Windows web hosting offers.

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Support for Microsoft Web Development

Popular web development tools such as FrontPage and Interdev were made popular by Microsoft. Choosing a Windows-based web hosting server means that your website will not only enjoy support for those features, but gain access to additional features like uploading data and information straight from FrontPage to your Windows’ server. These features are not available at all from Linux web servers.

Support for SharePoint Services

Information and data sharing services like SharePoint were developed by Microsoft, so if your website relies upon these programs or is preferred by you as the user, then choosing a Windows-based web server are a natural choice. A service like SharePoint makes it possible to organize multiple sites on the same server while also sharing information between them. SharePoint streamlines information sharing and makes it easy, and Linux cannot support this service.

Support for MS Office Tools

The Microsoft Office suite of products, such as Word, Access, and Excel, are perhaps the most widely used productivity tools by businesses and individuals alike. A Windows-based web server will be able to offer complete support for these programs and ensure they operate smoothly with your website.

There are a variety of web hosting options out there for businesses and professionals alike. While Windows, Linux, and UNIX are capable of performing a number of similar actions, there are certain popular activities that a Windows-based web host will accomplish more effectively and efficiently. The choice is yours. You can streamline the process with Windows-based web hosting or potentially complicate your life with another server.

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