Testosterone is a male hormone, but females have it too. Using testosterone and to know about how it functions in the body is essential for anyone. Testosterone boosters or supplements are designed basically to promote pituitary gland health and its wellbeing. The testosterone boosters contain herbal and nutritional components that provide support to the pituitary gland and another gland of the endocrine system to help us maintain optimal balance and this contributes to the best testosterone stack.

The reasons why people take it is due to its enhancing effects for increasing level of testosterone in one’s body are as follows: First,it is produced by the endocrine system and it is manufactured by male testes in large amount. It is synthesized by women ovaries in small amounts by the adrenal glands present in both men and women. Testosterone and its production in the body are controlled by thepituitary gland which controls the function of glands, production, and secretion of various hormone glands and is regarded as the master gland. Testosterone is solely responsible for male characteristics which include thegrowth of body as well as facial hair,sex drive, deep voice and an ability to maintain as well as achieve an erection.The male reproductive organ produces testosterone and spermatozoa which are also known as sperm.This testosterone is manufactured in the Leydig cells which is one of the major sources of androgens present in men. During adolescence, Leydig cells are much more capable of producing testosterone all by itself and are important for bodybuilders and athletes to realize that utilizing exogenous testosterone and injecting it into the body even when the body is capable of manufacturing its own,maylead to disruption of hormone level which might cause the testes to cease production of endogenous testosterone.


Testosterone is a hormone which can affect and disrupt organs as well as functions of a body.High testosterone level contributes to sore muscles,change in appetite,sleep disruption which might also include insomnia and also shrinking testicles which are mainly caused by cessation of endogenous production of testosterone.When the adequate level of testosterone is sensed by the pituitary gland it indicates to cease the production of a hormone which not a part of best testosterone stack.This causes shrinkage of testicles which also affects the production of sperm and can also lead to potential impotence. If the level of testosterone in the bloodstream increases,it might lead to caution and adverse reactions.

Androgen and its properties influence male sex characteristics. Small amounts of testosterone are converted into dihydrotestosterone. Dihydrotestosterone is stronger than testosterone. Dihydrotestosterone levels are determined by levels of testosterone on a day-to-day basis and the production of dihydrotestosterone is controlled by the pituitary and hypothalamus gland. Dihydrotestosterone and its level can have different effects on men as well as women. Women might experience the development of male characteristics such as increased growth of facial or hirsutism, amenorrhea which means cease of menstruation and increased in acne. There is a possibility of men being genetically sensitive to dihydrotestosterone, which can result in baldness. This occurs because dihydrotestosterone converted from testosterone.

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