Social Media Trends You Should Follow

With the constant advancements of the different technologies, it is quite obvious that social media, too, will bring on some trends. With the upcoming social media trends, and the creation of different social media platforms, some overwhelming effects can be observed. And if you have a strong social media presence, or even if you are planning to make one, you must cope up with all the new technologies and follow the trends. To begin with, you can start off by taking a look at what is new with the most popular  social networking sites, because that is what will help you stay ahead of the curve –

Facebook – Among many of the updates that Facebook introduced this year, #Hashtag is probably the most popular one. These can now be posted in all the searchable posts. This proves to be of huge help to those agencies, who have targeted #Hashtags, related to their business. For example you can put #Fashion in a status update and when someone will do a #Hashtag search for Fashion; your post might get ranked in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Graph Search is another new trend, that proves to be highly effective. It is more like a visual search which is linked to likes and interests of you as well as your friends.

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PinterestPinterest has made some updates in its look and functionalities. The new look is slicker and consequently, keeping track of updates and browsing pins have become much easier. The categories section allows people to find out your business easily and vice versa. The secret board is another functionality that allows you to build up a board according to your preferences, share it with your followers as well as other Pinterest users.

Twitter – Twitter has introduced new trends in more than 160 locations, providing countless opportunities for businesses. This is probably the most reliable media of knowing what people are talking about at a particular moment, across the globe and depending on that, you can set some happening business trends. Another extremely useful trend, revealed by Twitter was the introduction of Twitter for Business website which was intended to help both the start-ups as well as the businesses that are already well established. The ads manager section, too, is updated as a result of which it is now possible to target the audiences based on their personal interests.

Well, these are some of the most remarkable social media updates for 2013, which will help you cope up with the present trends.

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