Save Time And Money With Corporate Holiday E-Cards

Businesses that switch to a sending corporate holiday e-cards will be guaranteed to save time and money and help boost their ‘green’ credentials.

That is the belief of a leading e-card producer, eCO2 Greetings, who say that businesses no longer have to commit to designing and choosing a Christmas card to represent their business which then has to be printed, posted and then delivered.

Instead, they say that by sending corporate holiday e-cards, a business will only need to design or choose a relevant card from a wide range of templates, adding their details, and then sending to an email list.

The entire process can take just a few minutes and involve a few clicks of a computer mouse which compares well to the traditional way of sending holiday cards.

Without the need to print and post so many holiday cards, the business will boost their carbon footprint by not having to pulp trees or waste fuel in delivering their cards. This is a growing issue for a large number of firms which is increasingly making the eco-friendly alternative of corporate holiday e-cards more attractive to them.

In addition, the process is not quite so time-consuming and is therefore more cost-effective to design and send.

This is why firms such as eco2 Greetings, which was established in 2008, has helped thousands of companies around the world send corporate holiday e-cards and impress clients and customers as a result.

There’s no doubt that corporate holiday e-cards have reached the mainstream with many organisations and firms recognising how the process can benefit them and their customers.

Another big attraction is that the corporate holiday e-cards can be tailored to suit different clients with personalised messages, such as using their first name, and having a range of traditional and modern designs to reflect the business brand and image.

corporate holiday e-cards

Great promotion opportunities with corporate holiday e-cards

By using corporate holiday e-cards, a business has a new and effective tool to promote their own services and/or products to customers. For instance, it is easy to add a discount code or provide a link to an offer within the e-card which makes it more attractive to those receiving it.

It also makes corporate holiday e-cards eagerly awaited by those who will use the code or offer contained within it.

The modern designs of corporate holiday e-cards see them having pages that turn over and the sender can add their own signature to the message.

One other positive aspect for using a company such as eCO2 Greetings is that they will plant 10 trees for every e-card sent which is likely to go down very well with each and every recipient. Not every e-card producer is quite as environmentally minded as this company is.

The other opportunity that using corporate holiday e-cards brings is that the sender can react to events and can also send their e-card at the last possible moment. For instance, they can send their e-card on Christmas Eve if that is what they choose to do.

The sender can also create a message with more impact and yet retain the sincerity of the holiday message itself.

Corporate holiday e-cards that play music

In addition, to the great designs and functionality of using corporate holiday e-cards is the opportunity of playing music. The sender has a wide range to choose from, if they wish to do so, and this does help with the e-card’s impact.

So if you’re looking for corporate holiday e-cards that really do work, then contact eCO2 Greetings as soon as possible to find out what they can do for you.

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