Are You Protected? The Top 5 Security Apps for Android

For many years, Android has been fast nipping at the heels of that Smartphone giant from Cupertino, CA. And today, Google’s mobile platform enjoys a higher global market share than Apple’s iPhone. That means the most popular Smartphone in the world is of the Android variety. Of course, because of Android’s high profile, there are many nefarious elements out there looking to knock it down a peg or two. And this comes in the form of viruses and other malicious attacks.

Indeed, according to Kaspersky, some 99% of all mobile threats out there target Android devices. That means unprotected Smartphone users can expect an attack sooner rather than later. The worst-case scenario: damage to the Android device and even loss of crucial personal data. But there’s no reason this needs to be the reality. There are white knights out there that have developed some of the most cutting-edge security software for Android phones, and they come in app form.

Here are just a few of the top – and free — options.

Security Apps for Android

Lookout Security & Antivirus

This popular option offers three comprehensive features: security and antivirus, download and backups, and a phone locater. That means it is useful for helping to retrieve a stolen Android device as well as protecting against viruses, malware, adware and spyware. It scans all apps for these bugs and save copies of Google contacts as well.


This is another app that has garnered positive user feedback due to its solid features. It keeps an eye out for potentially dangerous websites and offers on-demand data scans of both the handheld and its SD card. It also comes with a secure app feature that tells the user which applications are safe for download.


This app has been around a number of years. In that time it has earned raves from such go-to online pubs as Android Authority and Droid Life. Like lookout, it covers everything from anti-virus to anti-theft. The myriad features include a web shield, apps manager, automatic scans, number block, app locking, remote device control and many more. Those who do find themselves without their handheld can bring up its location on a map using the device’s internal GPS. Then the user can remotely wipe the Android’s data and activate an alarm.

Norton Security Antivirus

Norton has developed a reputation as a top data protector in the computer world. With this app, they have taken their talents to Android and offer comprehensive protection in the form of app and card scans. Norton Security and Antivirus is a cracker at sniffing out malware and greyware, and users can control all of its functions from a single website.

AVG Antivirus Security

AVG is another solid option offering the trinity of protection: theft, antivirus and backups. Not only will this option keep pesky viruses at bay and make sure apps are safe, but it also offers an accurate monitor of battery consumption.

By adding even one of these options, Android users can rest easy knowing their handhelds are secure and protected. And these apps are so advanced that they should be viable for some time to come.

Sara Wells is a writer who blogs on behalf of companies like, an ID Theft services provider.

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