Why the Nokia 3310 Could Take Your iPhone in a Fight

Brawling smartphones is always serious business so it pays to take this seriously: my phone can totally beat up your phone. OK, yes it’s true that the iPhone is a great phone. It has fantastic features and design. But when you get right down to it, any contest between super entities, whether it’s superheroes or phones comes down to one core, basic question at the bottom of it all. Which one would work longer when bathed in acid?

One Tough Phone

The Nokia 3310 is quickly getting a reputation for being nigh-indestructible. When you look at how long you can use either the Nokia or the iPhone, and how they stack up in terms of surviving damage, being easy to repair, and so on in terms of actual day to day use and practicality the winner should be clear. Here are a few points of comparison.

Nokia 3310


There is really no question in anyone’s mind when it comes to who the winner is when we bring up the service of the phones. They aren’t even in the same league, nor of the same generation, so we shouldn’t waste much time comparing them. What’s worth mentioning is that while the iPhone usually sells with a two year contract, you can save more money if you buy it unlocked and instead go with a government funded phone program.

funded phone program


No one sits around and brags that they have the best broken phone ever made. Or well, they really shouldn’t in any case since that is hardly that impressive.  The power of a phone is totally nullified if you can’t repair it if something should happen, and let’s be honest; accidents and phones are a match made in hell. Whether it’s falling over with the phone in your pocket, or accidentally taking it into a pool, your phone is probably going to sustain some minor calamity at least at some point. The Nokia 3310 is simple enough to repair since it has plastic panels that can be swapped in easily if something happens to them. The iPhone and devices like the iPhone are super complicated on the other hand. One crack and they could be down for the count.

Crush Resistance

The Nokia 3310 has plastic panels and it’s a simple device that doesn’t have that many parts that can even break. The iPhone on the other hand are made chiefly of glass of one type of another, which isn’t exactly known for its amazing powers of bending or handling blunt force trauma. The iPhone has been known to cease functioning altogether after only just a few drops from a few feet. Scratches and cracks appear on the screen all the time as if there were some nefarious beings inside of it trying to get out. Meanwhile, the Nokia phone is plastic, bendable, and durable.

Water Resistant

The Nokia phone has been known to handle a few minor water spills. After all, you can hardly claim to be tough if a little rain makes you go running for cover. But this is exactly what happens with phones like the iPhone and the IPHONE. Water will literally make them run for their lives. It’s not like you can go scuba diving in the Marianas Trench with your Nokia phone, but a few drops are no trouble. No one wants to own the world’s most expensive paper weight after a very minor encounter with a little H20.

Overall, the Nokia phone will keep working day in day out, water or no water, and a few drops are no big deal. You get a phone to make calls after all, not to admire it’s shapely dead exterior.


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