The Best Movie Websites of 2013

The digitized age has made it easier and faster to consume content. Books, music, television shows, even full-length movies can be viewed via the Internet (whether downloaded or as streaming content) … and all from the comfort of our home.

Thanks to advances in server technology (and new ways to use those capabilities), there are more options than ever to choose from; for example, smaller, independent sites, or subscription services from large providers like Netflix.

So if a trip to the movie theatre or the video-rental kiosk doesn’t fit into your evening’s timeline, here are some great movie websites that will provide the options and entertainment without your ever having to get in the car.

The usual suspects

Hulu and Netflix are great subscription services for streaming both movies and television shows. Hulu doesn’t require a paid subscription for all its content, but to get the full array of options, it may be worth it.

Luckily, prospective users can browse through the entire catalogue prior to deciding. This is a joint venture with network television companies, so it’s a legitimate source of content. The bad news is that even with a paid subscription, users have to sit through advertisements during the show.

Like it’s counterpart, Netflix is a great subscription service. They offer more options (e.g., just streaming, or streaming and DVD home delivery, etc.) and also have a free month-long trial so users can test whether the service is a good fit. Unlike its counterpart, Netflix is completely ad-free, which makes for a more seamless and enjoyable viewing experience.

Both Hulu and Netflix offer flexible and easy sign-up and cancellation, which should allay some anxiety about being locked into a contract.

Best Movie Websites of 2013

The other guys

There are additional options for content and cost. Streaming services like Crackle are available and funded by advertising. This will mean disruptions during the course of viewing a movie or television show, but the price is right. stands apart for its unique selection of films, especially older and classic movies. There are Apple and Android apps to view from tablets or smartphones.

One of the most popular free sites is It’s known for its wide selection of recent films and classics (as well as for being free). Unlike some free movie sites, Movie2k updates the site frequently, removing dead streaming links to save users time and make the experience more enjoyable. is another gem of a site if you’re searching for new releases. With high-quality links and streams, this site delivers consistently dependable viewing. And this is the place to seek out movies that may still be in theaters.

Additional considerations

Los Movies gets high marks for showing high-quality movies. No membership or account needed, this site gives options for watching via PC, iPhone, Android, and iPad devices.

IceFilmsTube gets an honorable mention for its HD-viewing capabilities. Simply download and install the movie / HD player and enjoy the HD experience.

For the site-agnostic users out there (that is, people who are not tied to a specific movie site or subscription), makes the search for content simpler. It’s a search engine, so users simply search the site to ferret out the movie(s) of interest.

With a little ingenuity, a wide world of movies is at your fingertips. As with most technology-related services, sites and offerings change quickly and are challenged by up-and-coming companies that take advantage of virtual private server environments to fill needs and niches for the consuming public.

So keep watching and keep an eye open, because the next best thing in movie websites is undoubtedly just around the corner.

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