Maintaining an Effective Website

These days, having a website is a crucial and common occurrence for any business. Yet, as everyone has their own website and online space, the need for an effective website is paramount.

After all, when more competition is online, your website is what the customer will often see first and this subsequently defines how they interact with you. A site with negative qualities reflects poorly on the company, while something that is easy to use and manage will encourage business and customers to return.

Here are a few areas that can greatly affect your website’s performance and why you should look into regular testing.


When customers head to the website of a business, they usually have certain areas of information in mind that they will look for. The quicker that this information can be found, the better your website is. If people feel confused from the very beginning, it does not predict a happy future for the company. On the other hand, easy navigational tabs and site maps make it easier to get from A to B.

It is also suggested that customers lose interest with each click they take. As such, simplifying and streamlining the process is highly recommended.

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Load Times

Speed is also important. The internet is known for being fast and you need to keep up with this. Between two competing websites, any difference in speed can make a difference for customers who like to do things fast or have little time, so it’s in your interests to be the company that leads the way.

Stress Testing

Similar to speed, the amount of traffic available is also crucial yet it will depend on the nature of the business. A small, local company arguably has less traffic than an international organisation. Nonetheless, if traffic exceeds what you can handle, everyone will face slow loading times and an overload of data on the server, rendering any potential business inert.

Real Usage

Another factor that is always worth looking into is real usage. This is different from simple visitor numbers, which only tell you how many times the website has been visited. With real usage, you want to know how many different individuals visited and how often as well as whether or not they came back.

All of these factors are critical to your success, yet it isn’t hard to test them on a regular basis. Companies such as NCC Group specialise in such resting services, helping you to accurately monitor your websites performance.

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