Leveraging Marketing With The Aid Of Social Media

The scope of Social Media is very complex and you need to stay thoroughly updated in a bid to strengthen your grasp over the medium. Listed below are a few tips by which you can do the same. Your basic introduction to Social Media might have taught you that you need to establish a strong presence with the aid of constant engagement in all the platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc in order to bolster your visibility. However, achieving success in Social Media and leveraging your marketing ambitions are much more than that. Here are some tips to strengthen your marketing strategies with the help of SM.

Don’t Fumble With Too Many Of Them

Your first lesson would be to have an idea that you don’t need to flounder with too many platforms out there. As they say, your vision should be deep but not broad. You have to identify your forte. Be an expert in at least two three channels instead of having only vague ideas about each of them. But, at first, try to break the channels in to two categories namely Social Media and Social Networking.

Social Networking allows you to indulge in real time networking without attaching any method to it. Some of the popular platforms remain Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Social Media, on the other hand, enable you to establish your skills or expertise but offer a method of discussion or feedback.

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Lead Online Events

One of the best ways to boost marketing via social media would be to host online events that would give you a chance to ensure a solid fan base or community for your brand. Now these events themselves would give your fans the chance to participate by sharing links to their own pages on your page. This type of events running for 24 hours or more can actually aid you duly in your learning by bringing to your notice new businesses and loyal fans.

Use Videos

Videos would be an interesting addition to your social media mix. The age old adage that visuals attract more customers than print or audio stands true even today. There are a number of options at your disposal- Facebook Video, Vine Video from Twitter and Instagram Video etc. Here are more details:

Facebook allows its verified users to upload videos for up to 20 minutes. As per a recent study, the impact of Facebook ads at times proves much greater than that of YouTube.

Vine Video is for the ones who are more interested in creating simple but effective visuals to leverage social media marketing. They are generally six second looping videos on Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram offers a definite edge by allowing you to edit videos and they can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Flickr, Tumblr etc.

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