Hidden Wiki – How to Access It

The Hidden Wiki is a website that makes use of hidden services accessible through the Tor network. It is a website which has a huge collection of various links to other .Onion sets and also encyclopedia articles in a wiki format.

About Hidden Wiki

It includes links to various websites dealing in e-commerce like selling weapons, identity documents, drugs, stolen credit card information, counterfeit money, and the like. For updated information, visit hidden wiki.

Accessing Hidden Wiki

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is downloading a browser that is Tor enabled. Tor stands as an acronym for “The Onion Network”. It was originally a project which was developed by the US Navy. There are rumors that it was made use of for transmitting Top-Secret US Government intelligence data.

Hidden Wiki

The Tor or Onion Network happens to be a network of computer users across the world who does an interlinking of their systems. By doing so, they maintain individual anonymity and also protect themselves from inquisitive eyes. You need to visit this website https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en. It is the recommended browser for Tor. You need to download the software from this URL   https://www.torproject.org/dist/torbrowser/tor-browser-2.2.37-1_en-US.exe.

On clicking the Onion icon, it will offer you access to Vidalia Control Panel, wherein the network status should be saying “Loading Network Status.” After the connection finishes off with completing Vidalia Browser screen, it will display “Say Connected to The Tor Network”. Once the Vidalia Control panel opens and the Blue “Loading Network Status” achieves loading status, the Firefox will be opening a new window saying “Congratulations your browser is configured for Tor.”

This offers you access to Deep Web. You need to look into the address bar of the Tor browser for Firefox and type this address http://am4wuhz3zifexz5u.onion/. After that you need to click on “return” or “enter” on the keyboard and you will be directed to a website named “Tor Library” which has links to several popular sites on the Deep Web. When you scroll down the page and take a look on the left, you will come across a link called ‘Hidden Wiki’. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that when you are browsing on Tor, it can take quite a longer time in comparison to standard browsers on the surface web.

Important Facts about Deep Web

Usually the public information on Deep Web is 400 to 500 times bigger in comparison to generally characterized as World Wide Web. It contains 6,500 terabytes of information as against 20 terabytes of information, which can be accessed in the Surface Web. The Deep Web is made up of a whopping 550 billion unique records and documents in comparison to 1 billion from the Surface Web. It also happens to be the biggest expanding unit of fresh information online. The quality of the content from Deep Web is much better than that of the Surface Web. The content material happens to be much deeper too. Sixty of the biggest Deep Websites mutually contain 750 terabytes of data, which is enough in surpassing the public Web size by 40 times. This website, hidden wiki is a one stop destination for enhancing your knowledge on Hidden Wiki.

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