Guide for Creation of Effective Social Media Strategies for Online Stores

An effective social media strategy for an online store requires more than just creating content. Even the most popular brands that don’t rely too much on social media for driving sales still have an online strategy in place to drive interest in a product or service. Here are some key considerations for developing a strong social media strategy for promoting an online store.

How will feedback be managed and acted on?

Develop a strategy for managing online feedback. This requires developing a strategy for collecting online feedback while also creating a way to act on recommendations. Being able to manage, track and report on qualitative and quantitative results. Once the information is collected and gathered, it is up to the organization to be able to create an actionable plan to implement suggestions.

How will a person be able to interact with the brand?

Knowing where customers engage and interact with each other online is another important step. For example, it is incredibly important for a person who would be an ideal customer for a product or service to be able to engage with the brand. It is quite uncommon for a person to rely solely on the website to locate information about a brand. Identifying the proper channels for communications is imperative for having a great social media strategy.

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How easy would it be for the content to be shared?

Aside from creating content, it is important that every bit of communication can be shared. The brand must not only encourage followers of the brand to share and distribute the information, but it must also provide the tools to facilitate the sharing process. Creating content for published to a blog should be supported by the proper plug-ins that allowing one to share. The goal is to make sure that a person doesn’t have to go to great lengths to share and help publicize the content.

Is there a strategy in place to create multiple touches?

Initiating communication with a likely customer is only the first step to boosting conversions. The next step is to make sure that the person is moved through a funnel. In other words, the person showing interest in a Facebook page should be able to be converted into a subscriber to a newsletter, which could then turn into a subscription option for updates on certain products or services.

If the person reads an article on a subject of interest, the individual should be redirected to a microsite or website where they are encouraged to supply additional information in order to download an exclusive white paper or case study for additional information about a topic, product, service or solution.

What types of conversations should a brand join?

Identifying the right conversations is another essential component of a great social media strategy for an online store. A person may not be as interested in learning more about a great offer but may be interested in the problem the footwear serves. For example, if a person reads an article about common types of injuries experienced in industrial settings, the engelbert strauss information can be presented in the form of a solution that could resolve the issue.

A good social media strategy makes the brand accessible where their prospects interact and engage the most and finds ways to create meaningful discussions that lead to additional opportunities to engage further. These are the steps to creating a better social media strategy for an online store.

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