Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing

One of the most fundamental aspects to the success of a small business is marketing. In order to do what is right for the business, it needs to be delivered through a marketing process that targets the right audience.

This targeting has to be done in a compelling manner in order to gain and keep the audience’s attention and likeness. Despite this crucial need for marketing to be used in a small business, many new business owners do not make it a priority or go about doing it in the right way.

Here are some tips and tricks to use when trying to apply a marketing strategy that makes any business a success.

Going Online

Surprisingly, research indicates that almost half of all small businesses do not have a website of some kind. Therefore, they do not possess an online presence at all, which puts them at a disadvantage against their competitors.

At the same time, it means missing out on connecting with some crucial aspects of the business’s target audience. Many of the tools for making a website are relatively cheap and easy to use. Therefore, business owners can very well make one on their own.

However, if a budget allows, then a professional should be hired to create and maintain a high-caliber website to meet all of the business’s needs.

Creating a Search Presence

Beginner's Guide to Digital Marketing

Creating an image online is important because of being able to perform search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure that people local to the area are able to find the business in Google searches with ease.

Ranking well in a Google search means that your audience can be targeted to a specific set of people.

At the same time, it also means that the business can be connected to other links online, which heightens their presence by the number of times someone is referred back to the main site. And you can check your website page titles before posting to see how they would show up in Google with this SERP preview tool.

What to Do Instead of SEO

If participating in SEO with a website sounds like too much work or would cost too much money to keep someone hired to do the task, then there is an alternative. Google offers a business directory that allows people to claim the listing of their businesses online.

Therefore, it makes certain that all contact and reference information about your business online is at least streamlined back to you with the most up-to-date information.

Basic Email Functions

If a business owner has access to a website, then they should make sure they have an email address for them and their employees that would link directly with the website’s domain name.

Having a domain-specific email helps to promote the name of a company with ease. At the same time, it looks more professional to have an easy-to-remember email address.

It also promotes the name of the business even more as this domain name can end up on business cards and other such advertising materials.

Email Lists

Another, great reason to have a domain-specific email address is that it becomes trusted by audience members. This step is essential in cases where the website puts out a newsletter or announcements through email.

People are more likely to trust a blast email coming from a specific company’s website instead of coming from a generic email option. Additionally, domain-specific emails are less likely to end up in spam folders, so they will not be neglected.

Developing an email list is rather easy to do through a website as well, as people generally are just invited to fill out an online form that automates the process of data collection to send the emails out with ease.


There are plenty of things that business owners can do to promote their business through a marketing strategy that includes some sort of online presence.

Creating this image online opens the target audience up to other means of interacting with the company, so it is a key factor in leading the business to success.

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