The 5 Easiest Ways to Waste Time on the Web

The problem with the Internet being functionally infinite is that it provides endless fodder for procrastination. It’s possible, nay, easy to lose hours upon hours on all the online world has to offer. This isn’t always a bad thing, unless you’ve got a big deadline on the horizon. If you’ve got some time to kill or just need a distraction, here are a few of the easiest ways to waste time on the Internet.

1. Learn Something

5 Easiest Ways to Waste Time on the Web

Sure, when you imagine procrastination, you generally don’t think of self-enrichment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become a better person while you’re avoiding your responsibilities. You can use free and open resources like Wikipedia to learn everything about anything from the comfort of your computer chair. And as multimedia efforts become more prevalent online, you can also devote hours to online lectures like the famous TED Talks to achieve enlightenment in your downtime.

2. Catch Up with 1000 Friends

Social media platforms have made it a snap to connect with people from your past and present. Sites like Facebook let you see what everyone is up to, from the best friend you just had a beer with yesterday to the old friend you haven’t seen since high school. More bite-sized social media experiences like Twitter and Pinterest give you tiny glimpses into the thoughts and experiences of everyone in your network. Before you know it, you can spend a whole day catching up with long-lost acquaintances.

3. Look for Love

Just like social networking can connect you with people you already know, dating sites provide an alluring catalog of people you’d like to get to know. With hundreds or even thousands of people to choose from, sites like make the hunt for love easy and alluring. What’s more, sites like OkCupid offer a stream of games and tests to improve your matches and make sure you stay online for ages.

4. Game On

The Internet has transformed video games from a solitary distraction into an infinite social experience. Free flash game sites like Kongregate keep you chasing high scores while MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games open up entire worlds to explore with your custom avatar. If gambling is more your speed, online casinos like those found at offer players the chance to win some cash while they waste some time.

5. Dive into the Blogosphere

Writers from everywhere on the spectrum maintain online journals to share their lives, expertise and interests with anyone willing to read a post or twenty. Professional bloggers churn out thousands of words a day of content on every topic imaginable, but it’s often just as interesting to get an erudite amateur’s opinion on some of the latest developments in the news. All and more are available through a simple browser search.

These are just a few of the most popular ways to wile away the hours on the Internet. Some of them inform, others entertain and all of them are capable of taking a huge chunk out of your day. Remember to surf responsibly and respect the power of the Internet to eat your free time.

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