StealthGenie: The Mobile Phone Spying Software That Parents Need

It is the right of every parent to know what their child is up to.  If your child is out of the house and is not responding to your texts or calls then it is quite a possibility that they might be in trouble.  If you are a concerned parent then you should think out of the box and get their mobile phone installed with a mobile phone spying software StealthGenie. This would help you keep track of your child’s daily communications with utmost ease.

Phone Data:

Concerned parents may use StealthGenie application to keep track of their child’s complete communications. This app requires just 5 minutes to install in your child’s phone. All one has to do is to get registered online and download the app in your child’s phone. By using StealthGenie you can view each and everything on your child’s phone. Other than viewing your child’s phone data you can also track your child’s position through StealthGenie’s “Geo Tracking” feature.

Amazing Features:

One of the very important features of StealthGenie is the “Live surroundings” feature with which parents can listen to all the recorded sounds near their child’s mobile phone. You just have to install the app in your child‘s mobile phone. After that you can track your child’s communications without even letting your child knowing about it. You can access all the things stored in your child mobile phone as well.

mobile phone spying software


Stealth Genie is compatible with all latest and newest smartphones. This includes phones from HTC, Huawei, Samsung, Google, Motorola, Dell, Sony, Acer and others as well. This means that it works well with Android phones of Operating system 2.1 and above. iPhone Mobiles from iPhone 3G to iPhone 5 are well suited for this application. This software is compatible with Blackberry phones having OS 4.6 and above as well.

A Must Have App For Your Kid:

StealthGenie is a must have application for your child’s mobile phone. You can use it to track your child’s location and to keep track of their communications and to view everything stored in their mobile phone. Now you don’t have to stay close to your kid at all times; you can just install this mobile phone spying software in their mobile phone and feel free to do whatever you want after that.

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