Social Media for a Social Cause

Social media and social networks have taken the world by storm over the last few years. Every day, huge numbers of people, across the planet, take to their favorite social networks to share information with their friends and acquaintances.

To give you an idea of how big social networking has become, just take a look at Facebook, the world’s largest social network. Facebook currently has over one billion members. That means that one in every seven people on the entire planet are using Facebook. And if you think these folks are all on the network sharing just for sharing pictures of their kids and complaints about their co-workers, guess again.

Social Media

Businesses and non-profit social groups have harnessed the power of social networking to help spread their message and raise funds. Social savvy social causes are taking full advantage of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks in ways that make traditional advertising methods seems quaintly antiquated.

If you’re interested in getting your group’s message out to as large an audience as possible, here are a few facts about social media you’ll want to consider.

A New Approach for Social Causes

For starters, social networking is a relatively new medium that many groups have only recently started to embrace. Unfortunately, many non-profits and social causes are completely unsure about how to effective harness this power. After all, many groups represent causes that may seem out of place on Facebook.

For example, could an organization that solicits body donations for medical research have a useful presence on Facebook or Twitter? Believe it or not, the answer is yes. All it takes is a commitment to creating meaningful content on a regular basis. You might be surprised to find that the people in your social network (and the people in their social networks) are quite interested in hearing about your cause if the information is packaged correctly.

Creative content like infographics and ongoing blog reports can drive serious traffic to your primary website from social media. When done correctly, this kind of content exposes your group to new audiences, and is a real boost to fund-raising effort.

Cost-Effective Social Marketing

Speaking of money, most marketing directors at social and non-profit groups are absolutely in love with the price of social marketing, which is practically free. Almost every social network you can imagine offers free services to users. While there are premium packages and advertising available on all of them, basic use of the network is free.

For cash-strapped non-profits that would rather use their limited budgets helping people instead of paying advertising networks, social networks are an incredibly good deal. And, if they’ve done their content correctly, the people on the social networks will spread their message for them in an incredibly short amount of time.


Social networks are a new frontier for non-profit organizations, but they’re not likely to go away time soon. This means that these kind of groups have a golden opportunity to spread their message to an interested audience quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re trying to help alleviate poverty in a foreign country or raising funds for scientific research at home, social networks are a tool you should definitely be incorporating into your marketing plan.

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