What to do with your Old Phone

So, it’s time to upgrade your mobile phone and enjoy a brand new handset. Now there’s the question of what to do with your old one. There are plenty of different options, some more out there than the others and it’s up to you to decide which is right. Before you simply stick your old phone in the bottom of a drawer think about all the other options available to you.

Cash In

You can find out in a few short minutes exactly how much your old handset is worth. Whether you want to sell HTC Wildfire, Blackberry Curve or Samsung Galaxy handsets you can get a quick quoted price and then make up your mind. You simply choose your phone and then decide whether you want to sell it at the price shown. If you do, you’ll be sent a freepost envelope to send it off.

Sell it Online

There are many online platforms from local forums to auction sites where you can theoretically get a great price for your old handset. You of course won’t get its original value but you could get a decent price which you could put towards something else. Sometimes you might get more this way then if you cash in on one of the recycling sites but it often depends on the luck of the draw.

Carry Two

This is a bit of an odd one but plenty of people do it. It’s sometimes a great conversation starter. Having two phones when you’re out and about will make you interesting, even if it is in an odd ball way. Of course you shouldn’t go flashing your phones in public regularly or in areas you don’t personally know but it can be a point of interest to consider.


Share the Love

You could recycle your old handset as a present for a family member. Of course it’s not a good idea if the old handset is scratched or damaged but if it looks like new why not pass it on and share the love? It’s especially a good idea as a first phone for a younger relative.

Save for Emergencies

OK, we may have suggested that putting your phone at the bottom of a drawer is a bad idea but it never hurts to have a spare in case of emergencies. Although we don’t want them to happen but accidents do and if you damage your new phone it’s great to have a spare ready and waiting immediately.

Recycle for Charity

You can recycle your mobile phone for money or you could recycle it for charity. Donate your mobile phone to a charity and then any funds made will be given to your chosen fund. It could be that the charity is able to recycle the phones themselves and use them or it could be they sell them on to add to their fundraising.

MP3 Player

If you want to keep your new phone exclusively for use as a phone then why not employ your old handset as a multimedia and music player? You can stick on your favourite music and enjoy it on the go or take out your headphones and use it as a personal music player in the house.

Quentin Green is mobile technology specialist from Nuneaton. His interest in mobile technology goes back years and he also sells HTC Wildfire and other old mobile handsets for additional revenue.

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