People In Stock Photos Make Readers Connect

Every inbound marketing expert will tell you that great content is the number one way to increase your blog traffic, and incorporating royalty free stock photos into your articles and blog posts is the easiest way to create content readers connect with.

Connecting with People

When people go online, they’re often not looking just for a story or for entertainment, but for a connection. When they see examples of people who look just like them in the photos used on a site, they instantly form a connection with that site. Since photos are one of the best ways to relate to people, stock photos can be used to your advantage when designing your website or blog.

Building Readership

Many people get bored quickly when browsing online, especially when so many sites have nothing but unbroken paragraphs of text to wade through. No matter how well-written the copy is, breaking up the words with images and photos helps attract and maintain your audience’s attention. Plus, if using people stock photos rather than images of inanimate objects or landscapes, most people will connect even more strongly to those pictures.

Over time, with the continued use of well-placed stock photos and other content improvements, you will steadily build up a loyal readership base. Once you have some readers on board, their enthusiasm for your site will spread among their own network of friends and family, many of whom may also decide to join your audience. In this way, your traffic is increased and revenue from your site is improved.

people stock photos

Protecting Yourself

While your site will be improved artistically through the use of photos and images, it’s important to make sure you’re using royalty free stock photos. When your images require royalty payments, the total cost adds up to far more than just paying one time for the image. This is especially true for commercial applications using that image; companies may pay the same price for that photo for every reproduction made, which can come to an exorbitant amount.

Instead, choosing photos that are royalty-free means no hidden costs down the road. Pay one time to purchase the picture, and you can use it as many times and in as many applications as you wish. However, there still may be guidelines in place regarding commercial use of the image, so be sure to read the fine print before using a stock photo for any commercial purposes.


Stock photos can be an inexpensive addition to your site that end up paying back exponentially on your small initial investment. The rise in traffic and popularity of your site that will occur upon improving your content and aesthetics will more than compensate for any stock photo purchases. And best of all, you’ll be establishing a true connection with your audience that keeps them returning to your site again and again.

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