Office Football Contests

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Office is a place where most people spend a significant amount of their time. An average employee works anywhere between 40 to 60 hours per week in office. Hence, it is very important to maintain a good healthy atmosphere in office. This ensures that employees are motivated and are productive. Conducting team games and fun activities is a good idea to build team relationships. Office Football Pools  are a good team building exercise. Football is a game which requires a significant amount of team coordination and hence can be considered as an excellent team building sport. This game ensures that the players in a team are connected and coordinate appropriately to win the game.

It might be a good idea to form a few teams and conduct a full round tournament. Companies can offer a good reward to the tournament winners and runners. This also ensures that employees are motivated enough to take the game seriously and work towards winning it. It is a good idea to include people from different backgrounds in a team. This ensures that the employees get to know each other. Office football contests can aid in improving relations among employees. It might be a good idea to set aside a few hours every day for football matches during the tournament period. Ideally a couple of hours in the morning everyday during the tournament are good. Depending on the number of people and their availability, companies can conduct individual matches on weekends as well.

office football pools

Employees should ideally be given ample notice and encouraged to practice for office football contests. They should be given a choice to form their own teams. It might be a good idea to include both male and female players. Players should be given strict instructions that the games are to be taken in a friendly way. However, employees should also be motivated enough to try their best in every match they participate. Companies should supply free merchandise to encourage the employees. Common merchandise required for an average football game are T-shirts, Shorts, Shoes and Water bottles. These basic items should be supplied to all employees who would be participating in the office football contests. Other required items like Ball, Nets and Goal posts also should be provided by the company. The company can appoint local sports persons as referees.

Company should decide on specific rewards to winners, runners and the person with the most number of goals in the tournament. These rewards encourage employees to participate actively and give their best in each of the games they play. Football is a very popular game and is widely followed. This acts as an excellent team building sport. Companies can hope to increase employee engagement after a good tournament. It might be a good idea to conduct a football tournament for employees every year. Tournament time should be decided based on various factors like weather, availability of employees, etc. It may not be a good idea to conduct office football contests during holiday seasons or during peak work seasons. A time of the year when things are going smooth and when employees are able to devote a couple of hours is ideal for a football tournament.

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