How to Market Your Jewelry Business

Have gorgeous jewelry that you can’t seem to sell? Follow these tips for marketing your jewelry business and watch the sales start rolling in.

1. Buy a custom domain name. When you create your website, you want it to look professional. If you have a domain name with the hosting company’s information at the end, like, this won’t look professional. With sites like GoDaddy and Hosting Dude, you can find a domain name for under $20 per year.

2. Build a website. Platforms like Shopify make it easy. Make sure the website is responsive, meaning mobile users will be able to view it and shop, too. Also, make sure it’s specifically setup for e-commerce so that you can sell directly from your site.

3. Setup an Etsy shop. Even if you have a website, an Etsy shop is great because there’s a built-in community. The platform offers ways to connect with other sellers, tips for making the most of your shop, and advertising. You can also get involved in Etsy-wide promotions throughout the year. Lastly, shoppers trust Etsy and will be more likely to buy from you, which is great news for a new business.

4. Consider selling your items on Open Sky. While they often mark down your items because of frequent site-wide sales, it’s a great way to get your pieces in front of a new audience.

Jewelry Business

5. Send regular newsletters via Mailchimp. Every time you have new items, send an e-mail to your mailing list to encourage them to shop.

6. Get involved with the handmade community on Instagram. There are several accounts that will feature handmade products for a low fee. Some of them even feature products for free! Use IconoSquare to track how well your Instagram account is performing.

7. Create a Pinterest account. Whenever you pin a photo of one of your pieces, make sure it links back to the purchase page.

8. reate a portfolio to show to potential buyers. If you sell items wholesale, you’ll want a way to showcase everything you make in person, without requiring a shop owner to log on to a computer. View the colour laser printer range

9. Decide whether or not you need a Facebook page. If you have a big community of friends, you may want to turn your private profile into a business page. Or, you may want to create a business page and invite your friends to follow it. If you do end up using Facebook to promote your jewelry business, take advantage of the advertising opportunities. Without ads or boosted posts, your content won’t be seen by a large audience.

Selling jewelry is difficult, because it’s not a product that customers need, just one they want. With the right marketing strategy, though, you can gain loyal shoppers and reach new customers every day.

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