Interesting Marketing Facts about Billboards and Banners

If you are like most businesses, you may not even consider outdoor advertising. You may feel that outdoor advertising is best for large brands, like restaurant chains or insurance companies. However, this is a mistake! Any company can benefit from billboard and banner marketing. With strategically-placed large banners, you may be surprised at how well-known your brand becomes.

In addition to bringing in extra business, advertising on billboards is one of the cheapest forms of physical marketing.

Billboard and Banner Facts

There is a reason that billboards and banners are successful. For one thing, billboards are always there. You can never turn off a billboard! Even new marketing methods, like video marketing or social media marketing, can be turned off when the customer turns off their computer or closes the ad. When you are stuck in traffic, there is nothing else to look at except the billboard ad.

Interesting Marketing Facts about Billboards and Banners

  • If your billboard or banner is placed in a well-populated area, it can be viewed by millions of people. That can have a larger audience than some Super Bowl ads. The people that see the billboards see them every day of the week, at every time of day. According to one study, most people notice 70 percent of the billboards they pass.
  • Billboards actually reach about 93 percent of all Americans. Whether the billboard is next to an interstate, on a bus, or simply on a bench, it will definitely get noticed. Put a funny phrase or memorable picture on it and you will gather even more interest.
  • According to experts, billboard and banner advertising costs 60 percent less than print ads, 50 percent less than radio ads, and 80 percent less than television ads. The only thing cheaper than billboard advertising is online advertising.
  • Traffic is constantly increasing. Over the past 40 years, road traffic has increased by 53 percent. It will continue to rise as more people get on the road. The road trips that people take has increased over 100 percent in the past 30 years as flying becomes more and more expensive.
  • Most Americans spend about 15 hours a week in their cars. This is a lot of time you can capitalize on by making them view your billboard advertisements!

Why you should use banner ads

According to the facts outlined above, it is foolish not to take advantage of the large market that billboard ads can reach. The key to creating a successful billboard campaign is to create a memorable, eye-catching display. You should make it easy to see what your brand is about and place a call to action on the board so visitors want to learn more about your brand. One way to do this is to place half of the information on the board and make the viewer visit a website to learn more. This will encourage viewers to engage with your brand and prevent passive views.

Although there are other forms of marketing available, billboards and banners are still a viable option. You will reach a large audience and provide a wide range of exposure for your brand.

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