Most Expensive Gadgets Of 2013

Gadgets are Such an Addiction that you are not satisfied until you have the best. Even if it Costs much more than one can afford you gather some money to get it. And when it’s yours!! It’s like your love. If you think you have overpaid on your new Gadgets you should see the new Most expensive gadgets of 2013 which cost even more than a car.

Let us now see some of the most expensive Gadgets of 2013:

 Ultrasone Edition 8 Julia Headphones:


 Ultrasone Edition 8 Julia Headphones

Ultrasone is a German company, Who are renown for making the best electronic sound systems. This Headphones have leather Ear pads that are maroon-red colored with fibers of the phantom and outer body is of Metal with stone beads on it. The audio Quality is no match for any other company; The technical and financial department is located in Tutzing as well. All Edition products are handcrafted in Germany.
The company officials describe its sound Software in following words:

‘’The patented S-Logic™ technology is described as Natural Surround Sound. No digital surround system can compare with this new standard. Normal headphones sound direct and even on both sides, but the S-Logic™ system pushes the sound around your head! It appears as though you are listening to speakers on the other side of the room. Even at very low levels, this spacious sound allows you to hear more accurately. The Edition 8 uses a new titanium-plated tri-bass-tube drivers which offer the most accurate and finest sound reproduction. To top it all off, the S-Logic™ technology doesn’t need any additional electronic enhancing equipment’’

Samsung S9 Ultra-HD TV:


 Samsung S9 Ultra-HD TV

With four times the Color and resolution of a normal led TV.
Its Samsun S9 Ultra-HD TV with large 85” Screen which delivers immense Pleasure whilst watching it. The display can be tilted on its axis
Its speakers are hidden and are of Samsung’s patented Audio System which surrounds the whole hall. It’s a smart tv so you can use internet play games or use your social networking sites on it, Who does not want this kind of luxury in his home or office. But the thing is its price is nearly equal to the Audi A6. Those who don’t like going outside its like their Dream come true.. Buy a TV instead of an Audi..

Vertu Signature Zirconium Mobile Phone:

Cost: £13,200

 Vertu Signature Zirconium Mobile Phone

Vertu Signature has been the first Ever Mobile phone that is built on Zirconium that’s why its prices reach the sky. Amazing? Isn’t it. That a phone is Built on Zirconium instead of silicon.. It’s also a Semiconductor but very light weight and flexible and really very expensive. It’s a very hard and tensile element which can give you optimum working even under extreme heat or pressure. Its screen is illuminated by sapphire Crystal it has silver graphics that’s quite unique.
Its Ringtones are designed specially by London Symphony orchestra.

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