How To Easily Write One (or More) Blog Posts A Day

If you have ever visited a popular blog you have probably noticed that most of them tend to have one or more new posts a day. The reason for this is easy to understand, more posts means more content which means more hits in search which means more visitors.

While it is definitely easy to see why people put at least one new post up (if not more) each day, what may be harder to understand is how anyone can possibly write that much that fast. The fact is that almost anyone can write a blog post every day or even two or three if they need to. The trick to this is about finding a way to get your thoughts out as quickly as possible and making them make sense.

Learn to Type Faster

The first and probably easiest way to get out one or more blog posts a day is to learn to type faster. This is really a combination of practicing typing a lot and learning how to write as fast as you think. While it may be hard to believe there are a lot of blog writers that can actually write well over two thousand words an hour and still keep the quality of the content very high.

While you may not ever achieve this level of performance there is absolutely no reason why you can’t get up to a thousand words in an hour. Given that the average blog post is around seven hundred words long, this rate will have you able to finish a blog post in under an hour.

Use Speech to Text Software

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Another option to consider is speech to type software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking. While there problems with any voice recognition software, Dragon has to be one of the best pieces of software out there for this purpose.

If you have a hard time typing fast, but can speak fast, then this is a great option when you want to write a lot in a short amount of time. You can actually combine Dragon Naturally Speaking with typing by using Dragon to write the post then going back in and fleshing things out with typing.

Have Editorial Calendar

Aside from learning to type faster or using something like Dragon to speed up the process, another way to speed up your blog writing is to organize a list of topic ahead of time. By taking an hour or two once a week to write out a series of topics to cover, you not only have one of the harder parts of writing done but you give the back of your brain a bit of time to think about those subjects. You will be absolutely amazed how fast you can get several hundred word written down when you do this.

Keep in mind that while writing fast is always a good thing, you always want to take the time to make sure your blog sounds and reads well. Nothing can hurt a blog more than content that doesn’t read well. While you don’t have to be James Patterson, you do want your writing to be readable and entertaining.

Richard Simmes is a veteran blogger, marketer, and search engine optimizer. He believes that one of the best books to teach people who to get started with their own website is “How to Create a Website“.

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