IT Disaster Recovery Plan – Best Practice

IT disaster recovery plan is an ardent set of procedures or explicit documented process that are practiced in order to protect as well as recover a business’s IT infrastructure in case of event of any sort of mishap or disaster. The disaster can be either a natural one or even manmade that may lead to heavy loss for the business if not having a well defined IT disaster recovery plan. IT disaster recovery plan has become a normal yet most important practice these days for businesses. Normally such recovery plans are generally documented in a well written form while specifying all the processes and measures a business has to ardently follow in case of some mishap or disaster.

Need of IT disaster recovery plan

Well the need of IT disaster recovery plan is obvious among all. These are like some insurance plans that provide benefit to you in case of any mishap or disaster. If you don’t have IT disaster recovery plans then your story can turn out to be a horror story. No one can control the disasters but these disasters can cause heavy and sever losses that might sometimes become in-compensable. Of course you can’t get yourself 100% safe from a disaster but taking some safety measures can extremely lower down the losses while providing you to have a fresh start soon, as they all say, ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

Best Practices for IT disaster recovery plan

Business impact and risk assessment analysis

Business impact & risk assessment are two preliminary key elements in IT disaster recovery planning. These let you make a foundation for your IT disaster recovery planning taking in care the impact of disaster over your business while assessing the risk factors. This includes analyzing closely business functions along with the effect & consequences which a disruption in business can lead to.

it disaster recovery plan

Tutorial for Virtual IT disaster recovery plan

Having a tutorial for virtual IT disaster recovery plan in your It atmosphere is one of the best practices for IT disaster recovery plan. It provides a good platform to plan, prepare and test the IT disaster recovery plan while helping to point out the needs and area of improvement.

Outsourcing to disaster recovery service providers

This is another good practice in the concern of IT disaster recovery plan. This way you can get help from professionals which will result in lesser area of loop holes in your DR planning.

Testing – The Best Practice

Testing your IT disaster recovery plan is the best practice here. Your DR plan is useless if you have not yet tested it. Testing it in real can provide you information about the small lop holes it has, further improvements it needs, the best elements of your DR plan and many other such things. Another way to recover from your disaster is to consult IT expert for a piece of advice to assist you in building a good plan.

Benefits of IT disaster recovery plan

The benefits you can obtain from IT disaster recovery plan are as follows –

  • Lowering down hazards of delays
  • Providing a good sense of safety and security
  • Guaranteeing & ensuring the steadfastness of all the standby systems
  • Minimizing unnecessarily traumatic and stressful work atmosphere
  • Lowering decision making during any sort of disaster
  • Providing a good and solid standard for well-testing the plan
  • Lowering down the probable legal liabilities
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