Getting Your Design Right: Tips on Designing a Roll Up Banner Stand

If you’re a business who’s off to an exhibition or trade show, roll up banner stands are the best way to make yourself stand out. They can help to make a big impact, so making sure you have the perfect design is crucial. You should treat this display stand the same way you’d treat a newspaper ad or leaflet, or even an advert that you are going to put on the TV. If you’re at a loss with where to start, here are some helpful tips on how to design a roll up banner stand:

Place Your Logo At The Top Of The Stand

You should always use the top of your banner stand to display your logo, and the message you’d like to get across. Your main message will be most effective at eye level as it’ll better catch somebody’s eye when they walk past. Whether you do this with your company motto, an image, or a product, make sure you put it at eye level.

Think From Left to Right

Everybody is used to either reading from top to bottom or left to right, so keep this in mind when you’re putting information on your banners. Make sure you only include the most important information and keep the words on the banner to a minimum. Potential clients can always get more information from a brochure you’ve designed, or from a member of your sales team.

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Use Quality Images

If you’re thinking about including images in your roll up banners, whether it’s an image of a person or your product, make sure that it’s high quality. Don’t use an image directly from your website as this is likely to turn out low quality if you stick it straight on to a banner.

Using Colours

Colour can help you to stand out at a trade show, but remember the scheme should tie in with your trademark business colours and company logo. Make sure you remember that any text or images you add on to your banner should stand out against the other colours you use. Try to think about what things will look like from a distance and what won’t strain your customers eyes to look at.

Include Your Contact Details

One thing you should never forget when designing your banner is your contact details. This is really important, especially at an exhibition where you may not be able to talk to everyone. Make sure you include your website address, contact number, and email for the best results. You could also include your Twitter or Facebook name so that you can be contacted on another channel that many people use. Make sure your contact details are clear and easy to find; the best place for them is usually the bottom of your banner.

A badly designed roll up banner stand is no use at all, and definitely won’t get you any customers. Make sure you follow these tips so you can create the most attractive banner stand display and draw in your potential customers!

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