Creative Ways to Stand Out at a Trade Show

The kind of business you run will have little effect on the most effective ways of ensuring you stand out when attending trade shows, so the information in this article should be pretty relevant to everyone. Events like this can be a brilliant way of securing new clients, advertising your firm and performing market research into your main competition, which means it’s vital that you put some serious thought into exactly what will be included in your display, and precisely what you hope to promote this year.

Let’s face it, sometimes shows like these can be a washout, and it’s certainly not uncommon for businesses to make a loss on the day, but with the right attitude, some good advice and a little bit of blind luck, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to increase sales and obtain new contracts for the long term. Still, knowing exactly how to get attention with your display is a bit of an art form, which is why I’m going to do my best to help you out with some cool ideas.

Trade Show

Prepare Yourself & Your Staff

Deciding whom you’re going to take along to the trade show shouldn’t be done lightly. Like it or not, some people deal with social situations better than others, and this is why selecting the team members who seem the most outgoing upon first impression is probably a wise move. Then all you need to do is train them to speak and act as you want them to, relaying only the information you want them to give out.

Purchase A Quality Backdrop Display

You could make this yourselves in house, but that’s likely to take up valuable time and resources, so it’s much more sensible to leave it to the experts and employ the services of a reputable company that provides pop up displays. They are a relatively simple and cheap solution to a rather complex problem, so make sure you get one!

Create Sales Literature

Some people walking past you at the trade show will be in a hurry and simply won’t have time to stand and chat, this is why having specially designed and produced sales literature to hand can be really useful. Just pass them the info and let them read it at a more convenient time. This isn’t like giving out flyers on the street, anyone you give a leaflet or booklet to is actually likely to read it.

Engage In Giveaways

These should probably be relevant to the industry in which your firm operates, but in truth, even handing out free sweets or donuts to anyone passing who shows an interest can be a great way of making a good impression and ensuring you remain at the forefront of their minds throughout the day. Alternatively, holding some kind of raffle could well have the same effect.

Anyway, that’s about all the help I can give you really. Your success will depend on a number of factors, and the methods and techniques you eventually use will probably reflect the routes you choose to take.

Still, at least you’ll definitely stand out now!

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