B2B Portals – Pros And Cons

There is a wealth of information out there on just about every subject under the sun, information is available both offline and online that will teach you how to run your business, grow your business or give you information on all of the very latest marketing strategies and lead generation methods that are doing the rounds. Plus you will also find lots of information on how best to promote your business to whatever niche businesses that will be in need of the goods or services that you are offering.

This information has expanded as technologies have advanced – methods have been adapted and modified as technology dictates and one thing that we can learn from all of this is that change is a good thing, change is progress and of course change is inevitable. However in this desire for the information to be available through all of the different portals that are in use today sadly some of the quality has been lost.

Change vs. Quality

Business to Business communication and trading is something that has developed off the back of Business to Consumer relationships, and follows in many ways the traditional marketing methods of selling to the customer. Business to Business however has grown and developed at such a rate that it is now considered to be on a par in size and scale with the original business to consumer relationship. There is money to be made in building a relationship with another business and trading with them what you have whether it be raw materials, information or skills.

The advances in technology have made communication between business easier but one of the things that is constantly being overlooked is the quality of that relationship. Many B2B portals are focussed on filling an immediate need, they have a client base that will come to them when they need something and then leave and drop out of sight. There is no quality in this business relationship – there is no rapport, no repeat trade and no profit. Portals will advertise B2B businesses that can get you what you want the fastest, the cheapest etc. If this were a Business to Consumer relationship it would fail miserable as one of the things that the consumers looks for is quality of service as well as product quality.

A Quality B2B Portal

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A quality portal will offer much more than the fastest or the cheapest. It will offer information about the individual businesses on there and give background information. It will make the businesses that it is advertising approachable and look to create solid business partnerships rather than one off deals. It will offer advice on expanding your market place, encourage you to use the tools and strategies that it has to promote your business making you a part of a comprehensive B2B business directory. Business to business trading looks set to grow even bigger over the coming years and there are many portals not gearing themselves up to make money in the process. The next time you need to use a B2B portal for your business look for one that actually values your business and appreciates your trade.

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