A Look At The Most Amazing Chandelier Ideas Which You Might Have Never Heard Before

Many people have spent so much money in home lighting to achieve the desired effect. This makes you awed the moment you enter into a friend’s home and you immediately decide to do something about your home lighting. This post cannot have come at a better time as it will give you ideas that will cost you peanuts to implement. However, the ideas demand that you have an open mind, as some of the things you will be asked to do you have never even thought of doing. Read on and see what will work for you.

1. Bicycle wheel chandelier

This is for the person that loves simplicity in a circular fashion. If you have a bicycle that you are not using, why not use the wheels to make a chandelier. All you need to do is make sure that the spokes are all there and not crooked in any way. After that, buy sandpaper and polish the bike wheel to a shine as this will improve its appearance.

The next thing will be to get it fixed on the ceiling and the wiring done. Now, you might want to use the services of an electrician to make sure that the wiring is done properly. Once firmly fixed, you can hang a flowerpot or two and you have yourself a customized chandelier.

Bicycle Visions at the Bulb

2. The shiny spoon chandelier

This is one of the most creative and most beautiful of the customized chandeliers. All that is required to make it are spoons and a frame. The number of spoons will depend on the size of the chandelier and you can have it made in the shape that you want. The spoons have to be of the same size for uniformity of design and they are polished to give them a nice shine. What makes this chandelier unique is the fact that light reflects very well on the shining metallic spoons giving the home a very good effect.

3. Wine bottle chandelier

If you have many wine bottles in your basement, why not put them to use. In as much as this design is a bit complex, the result is amazing. The colored wine glasses allow the light to pass through them meaning that the light intensity is reduced giving the room a great ambience. When used above the dining room table, they achieve maximum effect getting you compliments from every visitor. You have to get a very good designer to work on the chandelier to make it well balanced.

4. Mug chandelier

If you have many mugs at home and you are thinking of throwing them away, you can put them to good use. To begin with, you can get them in different sizes from the local store at a very cheap price and this gives you the option of deciding how your chandelier will look like. You can buy one huge mug and have the bottom cut off to allow the bulb to fit or you can buy several small mugs and have each of them hold a bulb giving you an amazing design. Regardless of the choice, you will have one of the unique chandeliers hanging in your home.

5. Plastic cup chandelier

Plastic cups are another of the stuff that you can recycle to get a chandelier made. If you have many transparent plastic cups, they can be designed into a huge ball, a bulb inserted into them, and they make a very good chandelier. In addition to being very cheap, they give your home disco look and you can determine how much light they give out by using a bright bulb.

Booby cups  [70/365]

This post has shown that you do not have to spend thousands of dollars to install a state of the art chandelier. You can look around your garage and see what you treat as junk and then think of how you can put it to good use. Some of the most amazing designs have been homemade and the fact that cost very little makes them ideal. You can have the chandelier made by a professional to get more quality and you will not feel the price pinch since you are not buying any raw materials.


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