Advantages and Applications of Pneumatic Torque Wrench

What is the one thing everyone should have in their toolbox? Some might say a screwdriver; others would say a wrench. A breaker bar comes in quite handy for those bolts that just won’t budge, even after a whole can of PB Blaster. There is one tool to replace all of those things. There is one tool to put them all to shame.

A pneumatic torque wrench, it’s safe to use on hardware that might break under pressure from old age or rust. At the same time, it’s got enough torque to safely secure a tire to a vehicle. A pneumatic torque wrench is designed to allow the user freedom over the weight of impact being forced.  The intention is quite simple: using compressed air.

Advantages and Applications of Pneumatic Torque Wrench

More than that, the air stream is forced through a gear box that slows it down to a more useful and manageable speed. Compared to Other Torque Wrenches pneumatic torque wrench compresses air, while at the same time adjusting it from a high-pressure flow into a strong and slow, variable stream.

Typically, the pneumatic wrench comes with a spring loaded lever to allow accuracy within a tangible margin. By holding the lever down completely, the wrench will drive at maximum power. At the same time, with just enough pressure on the trigger, it will loosen hardware that would otherwise crumble.

Some less practical variations of the torque wrench include hydraulic and electric. Though, even a manual torque wrench isn’t near as versatile. There are many reasons other torque wrenches just don’t add up.

Most of a steady supply of compressed air choose a pneumatic torque wrench, in factory applications, because of the impressive functionality both in general as well as overall. Some pneumatic torque wrenches even come with a portable air compressor.

Find great deals and information on this site alone.ApplicationsWhere wouldn’t a pneumatic torque wrench come in handy? The machines used to create and assemble other machines are mechanically tuned with incredible precision. For example, in a manufacturing plant, every item produced must turn out exactly like the one before and after it.

The pneumatic impact wrench is gentle, yet powerful enough to be used in such applications. Aside from computers, almost nothing else can come so precisely close to requirements. Other impact wrenches are either harder to control or just not powerful enough.

Another great example of the benefit of a pneumatic impact wrench is visible in auto racing. Jimmie Johnson’s crew only has seconds to safely secure his tires to the vehicle in a pit stop. Where seconds are precious and lives are at stake, a strong, reliable torque wrench with a controllable slipping point comes in handy at being exact.

Conclusion when it comes to the most important tool in the garage, anyone from mom to the master mechanic will get the most benefits from a pneumatic torque wrench. What more could you ask for from the perfect impact driver? There is more than enough power to loosen the tightest nuts, yet so well disciplined that it’s easier to shatter a bolt with your manual impact wrench. When it comes to pricing on of these wrenches, quality pays. That’s not to say you will lose an arm and a leg for one, but you get what you pay for.

When it’s time to finally invest in your new favorite toy, do some local footwork and internet research (like our website) to find the pneumatic impact wrench, and perhaps air compressor. If the dough is there to dish, talking to local mechanics would likely increase the users knowledge, and therefor satisfaction, with a new pneumatic torque wrench. Featured images: License: Creative Commons image source Author Bio: icky dee writes on behalf of Ultra Torn which purely deals with Pneumatic Torque Wrench.

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