Adopting Better Check Printing Solutions

Many businesses are choosing to print their own checks because the practice is affordable and leads to greater efficiency. Yet for secure check printing, various printing solutions are needed to safeguard the practice. By adopting better check printing solutions, your business can print effectively and with the peace of mind of knowing their checks are printed safely and securely.

Laser Check Printing

Laser check printing has developed to embrace many security measures. Businesses can print checks on their secure laser printers using MICR toner (1). This toner is essential for printing bank account and routing numbers. The toner is available at office supply stores. While MICR toner can be used with most printers, it’s a good idea to purchase a special MICR security printer designated specifically for check printing.

Adopting Better Check Printing Solutions

Effective Software

Businesses that want to streamline their check-printing process should adopt effective software designed for managing the dispersal of payments and, of course, the printing of checks. Businesses can design checks in accordance with Federal Reserve regulations that also reflect the business logo. New software for check management is easy to use and provides the company with a savvy and secure platform for managing payments (2).

Security Controls

Printers and software designed for check printing provide businesses with the security controls they need to protect the business. In some cases, dual log-ins are required. Some businesses use auto-encryption features to safeguard printing practices. Businesses can customize the security profile of their system to also include features like automatic log-off, print file retention, reprint authorization, and many other features that can enhance security. Working with a printer dealer that specializes in security is ideal for procuring printing equipment for use with checks. They have the expertise to advise any business about best practices when it comes to check printing.

When you adopt state-of-the-art printing solutions, you can print your own business checks with the enhanced security your organization needs. Once your equipment is in place, you’ll find that printing in-house is far more cost-effective than ordering checks, and it also leads to great efficiency because the business can print and disburse payments whenever it needs.


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