5 SEO Trends That Will Continue to Be Highly Important in 2014

Many people are wondering what the future holds for SEO and social media marketing in the year coming up. It’s always been obvious that Google’s goal is eliminating spam and enhancing the user experience with high quality content. In fact, evidence has proven that in the next year quality and link relevancy are going to be extra important. Here are 5 SEO trends that look as if they’ll continue to be highly important in 2014:

Detailed, In Depth Content

High quality, short blogs still have value, however; there looks to be a movement towards “super blogs/articles”. Perhaps longer pieces that are 1000 words or more will be the most valuable form of content. There are a few ways you can do this; create detailed tutorials, fill your content with high quality images and videos, and even get access to experts. The focus here will be on the depth, quality, and value to the reader.

5 SEO Trends

Use Different Forms of Content

You could be interested in making a video, creating infographics, or even launching interactive quizzes; but whatever you plan to do ensure that you think beyond your usual “blog post”. Obviously you’ll want to do what you can to write authoritative content that sticks, however, another strategy you can use is varying the type of content that you publish. It’s a fact that a more diverse content base will help you rank more highly for your target keywords and terms.

Remember, Author Authority Matters

Make no mistake in thinking that it’s just the content that matters; it’s the entire piece of work! Google is always developing different ways of learning about everything you write. This will give them an overview of what you have accomplished, and what subjects you are qualified to tell others about.

There are many things that will impact the content you want to post, including; the social signals your content generates, how often you post, and the quality of the sites you post on.

Links Are Still Highly Important, But The Quality Bar is Continually Raised

At the beginning of this year, Matt Cutts hinted that Google is continuing to develop a more sophisticated way of measuring the quality of a link and eliminating link spammers. Link building is definitely moving in the direction of a process based on relationships, so links will need more planning and to be genuine.

Great Design Is Important, Too

Great design is a huge part of a user’s experience. When people first visit your site, there’s a sort of trust barrier there. This barrier can easily be overcome with a top quality site design that will impress the user. Your site needs to look professional, as users will then know your site is legit and could possible pay for products/services. A good design can even help you coax people into what you want them to do, for example, sign up for your newsletter. A good London SEO company will be able to help you achieve this!

Now you know the trends set to carry on into 2014, you can safeguard your sites for the future!

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